General Information
Why cleaning & disinfect important

Cleaning is an important first step because it physically removes dirt, debris, and stains from surfaces by using a solution of detergent, water and etc.. Cleaning does not kill the germs on the surface. Once all visible dirt has been removed, the next step is to disinfect the surface. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before disinfection.

Disinfection is defined as the inactivation (or killing) of the microorganisms. This process ensures that germs and viruses are not hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied. There are three levels of disinfection: high, intermediate, and low. The high-level disinfection (HLD) process kills all vegetative microorganisms, mycobacteria, lipid and nonlipid viruses, fungal spores, and bacterial spores more than 99.999%
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