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PRO CLEAN Professional Washing Machine Cleaning Service was officially founded in 2015 with one vision; SHARING AND EDUCATING. We clean all types of frontload and topload washing machines in the market include Japanese, Korean and European brands.

Current Situation

Nearly every household will have washing machines to clean their everyday dirty laundry, due to long period used (1 to 2 years) this machine will grow with all bacteria and molds without knowing by the user. Most of the users will not know their current machine condition and hygienic level of their machine. Malaysia is among the countries in the world with the highest humidity (< 80%) all year round. Therefore inside washing machine is a great place for bacteria grows at temperature 30 to 40degree with high humidity.
Problems encountered by most of the user is:

 Molds grow on dry cloth
 Dirt Stain -Black spot stick-on cloth after laundry
 Odor - Cloth get smelly easily
 Skin allergy – All kinds of skin problem especially young children and the elderly due to Bacteria
 Serious Sickness – Low immune elderly and children due to E.coli (Pneumonia and respiratory illness, fever…..Etc)
 Vaginal inflammation (colpomycosis) especially to females

* Dr. Charles Gerba (professor of microbiology) – there will about 100 million E.coli in 1 to 2 years used of washing machine.
* Dr. Phillip Tierno, Microbiology Professor at NYU School of Medicine
* John R. Dean, PhD, is Professor of Analytical and Environmental Sciences
PRO CLEAN 专业洗衣机清洗服务成立于2015,以共享和教育为目标。我们清洗市场上所有类型的高负荷洗衣机,包括各种日本、韩国和欧洲的品牌。


几乎每个家庭都会有洗衣机来清洗他们每天的脏衣服,由于长时间使用(1到2年),这台机器会在用户不知情的情况下滋生细菌和霉菌。大多数用户都不知道他们的洗衣机的状况与卫生水平。马来西亚是世界上全年湿度最高的国家之一(< 80%)。因此,洗衣机内由于温度介于30至40度,湿度高是最适合细菌生长的地方。

 严重疾病-免疫低下的老人和儿童由大肠杆菌引发的 肺炎、呼吸道疾病、发烧等

*根据 Charles Gerba医生 (微生物学教授),在1 到 2年内,有大约 1 亿大肠杆菌滋生于洗衣机。
*Phillip Tierno医生, 纽约大学医学院微生物学教授
*John R. Dean博士, 分析与环境科学教授

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