Q&A About Washing Machine
Why my washing machine required service wash & Sanitize?

Washing machine manufacturers recommend that you do a “service wash” once every few months or a year. Some machines even have a self-cleaning mode, frequently apply this function can help Pro-long service wash in the long run. Maintenance is the key to keeping your washing machine in top sharp.

How frequent washing machine required service wash & Sanitize?

4 main factor determines how regular machine require service.
  • Usage
  • TYPE of laundry
  • nature work of family members.
  • amount of detergent or softern apply
To maintain optimum hygiene levels of machines, yearly service is encouraged.

What happens if I don't service wash & sanitize my washing machine?

A washing machine can certainly clean your clothes well, but if you don't regularly clean a washing machine, do you think your clothes will clean as well? The soap residue, minerals, and chemicals from your detergent can get locked inside your washing machine and create a thin film that traps bacteria. These bacteria can clog the inner mechanism, during laundry bacteria will goes to your clothes as well as cause contaminants.

How effective natural solutions such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and etc works?

Less understand “CLEANING“ and ''MAINTAINING“ Natural solutions don't clean but help maintain in some cases. The machine used more than a year without maintaining regularly will not clean by using natural solutions. This is because thin-film build-up get harden on the surface. A brand new or after service wash machine maintains regularly using natural solution ''may'' Pro-long service wash period. In fact, most cases you are diluting the natural solution with so much water that it isn't really doing anything except making you feel like you did something. The most important natural solution has no sanitizing effect at all.

How effective washing machine cleaner available in the market?

A cleaner is available in the market in 2 forms - liquid and powder. The ingredients normally a combination of few strong chemicals to achieve cleaning effects. It's always a good maintain solution compare to natural solution due to chemical ingredients. In most cases it will only partially remove surface dirt and residue, will not completely remove the base layer inside the machine.

How you clean and sanitize washing machine?

Machine drum and other compartments will remove from the machine. Please Refer our 6 step cleaning and sanitizing to achieve the highest level hygiene requirements.
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